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All Of The resources, Training, and Support You'll Ever Need To Compare each of your lump Sum pension options with the lump sum!
You simply enter your pension data and We Will Walk you through each logical step!
The Ultimate Lump Sum Calculator and Master Class
  •  The Ultimate Lump Sum Calculator - SELECT THE BEST PENSION OPTION, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars.  This is is the culmination of three years of research and coding and you will receive have lifetime access including all new features and upgrades!  (value $1,000, likely tens of thousands!)
  •  This Master Class module teaches the Time Value of Money concept as it is used in ever day life and how it applies to your pension.  This is information you need to understand in order to follow the various analyses you will go through with us on your pension options. (value $200)
  •  This Master Class module teaches you how to discover the INTERNAL RATE OF RETURN  of each of your pension benefits!  Few plan participants even realize that there is a rate of return on your pension benefits.  Knowing this information helps you compare benefits with each other and makes it easier to consider taking the lump sum if you believe you can earn a higher rate of return than your pension options!  (value $1,000, possibly many thousands!)
  •  This Master Class module teaches you how to discover the CURRENT CASH VALUE of each of your pension benefits so you can easily compare them with your lump sum! Which is better? One dollar or two dollars?  One hundred or two hundred? Once you know the present value of your pension benefits, you simply compare it to your cash lump sum value!  (value $1,000, seriously, these strategies can make a huge difference in how you go about selecting the best benefit for you and your family!)
  •  This Master Class module teaches you how to calculate your break-even for each of your pension options!  This is good to know.  What if you took the lump sum and earned zero, how long would it last?  If you believe you have a short life expectancy, there is a possible strategy that could enrich your heirs vs. disinheriting them!  (value $500)
  •  This Master Class module teaches you how to apply probability to life expectancy rather than trying to predict exactly how long you and your joint annuitant will live, providing you with peace of mind about your decision!  Nobody is talking about this and it is so very important!  (value $500)
  •  This Master Class module teaches you The Monthly Balance Illustration Concept that allows you to illustrate (with a click of your mouse) each of your pension options compared graphically with your invested lump sum. This reveals a visual understanding of your options like-no-other-tool-ever! (value $500)
  •  This Master Class module teaches you how to compare the total dollars received when applying your unique variables, so you can view each of your pension options alongside your invested lump sum in a simple, easy to read graphical representation in DOLLARS! (value $500)
  •  BONUS #1 - Life Expectancy resources  (they are free, but their value is $ priceless!)
  •  BONUS #2 - Social Security Analysis Discount.  Regular Price $197.00, Master Class Members price $97.00 (discount value $100) Add this item today and we will give you a 100% guarantee that we will find you $10,000 in additional Social Security benefits, or we will refund your purchase price of $97.00!
  •  BONUS #3 - My personal collection of online articles and additional information related to pension elections and retirement planning! (value $priceless)
 Total Value:                $5,300
 Your Price Today:         $147
 Your Savings Today:  $5,153
  •   Optional Benefit: We find $10,000 or it's FREE!
  • Receive a Comprehensive Social Security Analysis to identify the OPTIMAL* YEAR AND MONTH to begin your SS Benefits (employee and spouse), to potentially increase your lifetime benefits by $THOUSANDS!  This strategy uses the same Time Value of Money concepts that you will be learning in your Master Class Training! It is available to you with this order for only $97, which is $100 off of our regular price of $197. The retail price online is $250.00!  This is an excellent compliment to your Pension Planning! Simply check the box when completing your payment information to add this incredible benefit! (Important info: This offer includes ANNUAL UPDATES until you begin your SS benefits!)
*based on life expectancy


You are about to embark on an incredible journey that will provide you with an understanding of your pension benefits like never before.  I look forward to working with you...
                                                           Roger Walker
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Analyses require user estimates of variables such as life expectancy and rates of return. 
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